Canadian Down Syndrome Society

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is a non-profit organization that provides Down syndrome advocacy in Canada.

Along with 45,000 Canadians who have Down syndrome, 50 local groups, and 12 Affiliate organizations, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is proud to be Canada’s voice for the Down syndrome community.

When our organization began in 1987, the Down syndrome community was just beginning to recognize that incredible progress could be made if people with Down syndrome were supported and given the opportunity to contribute to society. Now, people with Down syndrome can go to school, finish university, find careers, and get married. Our goal is to ensure all people with Down syndrome live fulfilled lives. We want all Canadians to #SeeTheAbility.

We provide support to and advocacy for families and people with Down syndrome through important events like the Canadian Down Syndrome Conference, and Go21, as well as resources and information, and more. We are also proud to have self-advocacy at forefront of our everyday work through VATTA, our steering committee, which informs us of what’s important to the Down syndrome community.